Sunday, August 28, 2011

Outfit (Including home made skirt)

I'm off to Denmark tomorrow (As I said, really busy summer holidays!) and I'm not sure if I'll be able to post whilst there, so if I disappear that's why :)

Outfit post today! Also, I have just discovered a really awesome mask I bought from Camden market ages ago, so :-D

Rather badly showing off my mask ;) It's a lot prettier in real life

Plain black tops go with anything 

Made this skirt myself, in about one minuet. It's literally just material safety pined together at the top. Not sure  how likely it is to fall down, but oh wells...

Awful picture, and not much makeup, but I have't used eyeliner on the insides of my eyes since a rather bad reaction to some cheap stuff a while ago. I decided to brave it today and, considering how little I've used eyeliner like this, am quite pleased with the results.

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Teresa said...


I'll be left with normies for 5 days... (And of course other goths on blogs, but you know what I mean!)