Saturday, August 27, 2011

Daily Goth Challenge: Day 7

Yes, I did a post about two minutes ago, but it wasn't very good, so you get this as well :D

 Day 7: Name ten of your favorite Goth bands

In no particular order...

1) The Birthday Massacre. My favorite songs of their's include: Always, Shallow Grave, Video Kid and Lovers End

2) Emilie Autumn. This women is AMAZING! Favorites: Remember, Liar, I Know Where You Sleep, Marry Me, Liar (Manic Depressive Mix), Dead Is The New Alive (I want this song played at my after funeral party ;) ), and Swallow.

3) Rasputina. Favorites: Holocaust of Giants, Pudding Crypt and Do What I Do

4) The Scary Bitches. Favorites: Lesbian Vampyres from Outer Space, Piss All Over Your Grave

5) Siouxsie and the Banshees. Favorite: The Passenger

6) Voltaire. Favorite: Cannibal Buffet (I think Teresa will understand why :P)

7) Hannah Fury. Favorite: Never Look Back

8) The Dresden Dolls. Favorite: Dear Jenny

9) The Cruxshadows. Favorite: Marilyn, My Bitterness

10) Autumns Grey Solace. Favorite: Forgotten, Fossilized, Archaic

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Teresa said...

I smiled at the Voltaire song :D