Monday, August 29, 2011

The Goth Challenge: Day 8

Doing this post today as well because might not be able to post for 5 days :)

What's your worst and best experience with non-Goths?

Hm.I guess I haven't had that many bad experience with non-Goths yet...:)


Quite a few to choose from here :) I think the two that stick in my mind might not really count as experiences, but I'm going to say them anyway. 

When I went on my brothers class camping trip (both my parents were coming so I had to) I wore my blue velvet dress (it was only one day and one night, so that was all I bought). I had a totally normal time, but my mum later told me that one of the girls I was quite friendly with had told her mum that she thought I looked gorgeous and that she now wanted to be a Goth as well :)

The second 'experience' is along similar lines. It was my brothers end of school play, so I wore my black skirt with petticoat underneath (it's the only skirt I own at the moment that looks good with a petticoat) and a plain black top. Again, no direct compliments, but my mum told me that lots of people had said that I looked lovely. This also helped a lot in my mum accepting my Gothiness.  

Worst...Well, I've got the usual school comments about how 'emo' I am, but I'm used to snide comments so I wouldn't count them. I think the worst is when I was in Cornwall, finishing my book and waiting for my mum and dad to arrive (they had agreed to let me finish reading whilst they got the car) and these two tracksuited boys across the street kept muttering, glaring and pointing at me. Luckily my parents arrived before anything happend, but it sticks in my mind as the first (and to this date, only - lucky me so far!) time I have felt afraid because of my gothiness. I was being extremely melodramatic but I couldn't stop thinking of poor Sophie.

Listening to: The Beast of Pirates Bay - Voltaire 

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