Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Goth Challenge Day 1: Becoming a Goth

Thank you, Juliet's Lace, for giving me an excuse to do this post, I've wanted to do it for ages :P

I owe my discovery of Goth to three people: 1) A family friend 2) Emilie Autumn 3) Teresa from Toxic Tea Party

A while ago (I think it was in about March or so, not sure) we (mum, dad, annoying older sister, even more annoying  younger brother and me) went to see some family friends we hadn't seen in a while. We started to take it in turns to play music because we where bored, and Joanna (one of the friends kids, who sadly isn't Goth, but a self described Manga Freak) played Marry Me by Emilie Autumn. She described it as one of her many 'strange songs', my brother and sister laughed at the strangeness of her song, but I, obviously, enjoyed it very much. Later, on youtube, I discovered her many other songs, and fell in love.

I started spamming the role playing site I use with Emilie Autumn songs, which annoyed many people, but Teresa also discovered an enjoyment of them. She decided to become a Goth (I don't know her full Goth story), and suggested the idea to me as well. Whist I was interested then, and, after she showed me The Ultimate Goth Guide, decided I wanted to become a Goth as well. However, the 'becoming a Goth' part proved tricky.

As you probably know from a few earlier posts, I used to be a pink freak. I was never into brand names and fashions, but I didn't like to wear dark colors. Obviously, this presented some problems, because I had no way to start dressing Goth, and I thought my mum and dad would find it even harder to accept my change to Goth because I had been so brightly clad before. I eventually gathered the nerve to tell them my plans for a wardrobe renovation, and they took it remarkably well. My dad doesn't really notice much change (He is a bloke, after all...), although I get the feeling my mum doesn't really like it, she's trying to adjust, and my siblings are being well...siblings :P

A trip to Camden, a raid of second hand stores, and a raid of my mum's so called 'fancy clothes', a search of my Halloween box, and here I am. Despite the fact that I thought my grandparents wouldn't be so accepting, my gran loves my gothiness, and is giving my all her old petticoats :D


Teresa said...

Yay I was mentioned :) I think I'll start the challenge today.

AislingChild said...

You should. And I expect to be mentioned :P