Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Extremely Disappointing Review of Be Individual Hair Dye

I know I've already done a post today but I have been meaning to do this since I used the dye in case anyone else uses it.

Just before I went to Cornwall, my mum told me that if I tided my room properly (It was really messy) she'd let me dye my hair blue. Of course, I agreed, and spent a day tiding, with the prospect of returning to school with blue hair hot on my mind. After I had finished, I went to Wood Green Shopping Center (It's really called 'The Mall' but oh wells...), and, in Wilkinsons, found what I had been looking for. It seemed perfect: it was semi-permanent, you didn't need to bleach your hair for it (my mum doesn't like bleach), and the colour - 'Blue Mood' - was exactly what I wanted. I should have been wary at the price (£3.00!) but I wasn't...

I got home, and after dinner, applied it to my head. after the 25 minuets it said to wait, I washed it off, to reveal...Exactly the same hair as I had put it on. The dye had done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! I had no time to get an alternative brand, because we where leaving early the next day. My disapointment was absolute. Be Individual is an awful brand. 

On a nicer note, check out these awesome things! Click on 'Giggles 1' for the first lot :) Not exactly Gothic, but I need one!

Side note: Lesbian Vampyers From Outer Space by the Scary Bitches is my new favorite song


ultimategothguide said...

I've had that same disappointment before. Try your local hairdresser - you'd be surprised how many of them do alt colours and at least you're guaranteed a result.

Haha, I love that song too!

Ashlee said...

Blue dye from a shopping center that doesn't require bleach and you leave on for 25 minutes? That... sounds bad.

You *have* to bleach your hair to get semi-perm dye to stick and look good. Hell, I can't get *black* semi-perm dye to stay on my virgin (never been dyed) roots for more than a week or two. You also need a good dye. Special Effects is supposed to be crazy good, but I use Punky Colour and it works. You have to redye weekly or biweekly (for the black), though, to keep it nice. You should also leave the dye on for as long as possible. Since it doesn't have bad for your hair things in it you could even sleep with it in.

Anyways, I do agree with Amy. All of the weird colours I've seen come out of the barber's chair look really nice. The only reason I do my own hair is because my mum has always done her hair herself and my grandma has a beauticians license.

I hope I didn't come across as too rude or know it all-ish or anything.

I really want to listen to that Scary Bitches song now.

Anonymous said...

i used the pink brand on my hair which i bleach anyway i just wanted bits of pink on the front of my hair and it came out perfect but really bright. after a while it did fade and went very pale but i thort it was mega and deffo want to use it agen. try lightening your hair first as lighter hait gets better results. if i had tried iton my naural colour i would not have had a good result, but if you want these bright colours and u got dark hair then your gonna have to use bleach.