Friday, July 22, 2011

Two Non-Uniform Days! :D

Ah, non-uniform day. The time when people can wear their own clothes, and everyone can coo over the fact that their friend looks like a holister advert. Well, whatever makes them happy...But for us gothy types, our outfits are quite different...

This is the top part of what I wore for yesterdays non-uniform day :) The gloves are made from old legwarmers, and the dress is from Punky Fish 

This is the full dress (I'm also wearing purple leggings)

This is the one for today. It's hard to see but the top is brown and long sleeved, (a gift from my late grandma) with a black top that I cut the sleeves off. 

You can see the top a bit better here. 

This is the skirt :) I got it from my mum, the petticoat underneath it was originally from our halloween box (Who would put a petticoat in a halloween box?) and the boots are from my sister. 

According to my friends I looked very pretty both days ^^. Also, some people seem to think that saying 'Goth' or 'Gothic Type' very loudly when I come near them is insulting. Sorry guys, but as I'm still a babybat it in fact makes me very happy to have my gothyness validated. 


Tenebris In Lux said...


I don't really have a uniform at my school, but the dress code can be a little stupid. I sort of understand why they are paranoid about trenchcoats, but I love my coats D: And yeah, the whole Hollister advert? You see that all the time in my school halls.

Aside from that: I love your outfits! Brown and purple are two of my favorite colors.

Teresa said...

Oh my goth I love that skirt!

And even though I've been homeschooled the past few years, its sad to know that people STILL like being the human ad. (And, if its anything like middle school, their awful overpriced Holister shirts will be a size too small)

AislingChild said...

@Tenebris Thanks :)

@Teresa It's not a to small problem for me, but people get to long ones then tie them up so everyone can see the bottom of their bra. I'm just sat there going ''re 12."