Thursday, July 21, 2011

Review: No7 Stay Perfect Silver Eyeliner

Name: No7 Stay Perfect Liquid Eyeliner (Silver)
No7 Stay Perfect Eyeliner

Said to have 'dazzling, liquid colour with amazing staying power'. 

I find the color is quite subtle, and fades easily into natural creases in the skin, meaning anyone with wrinkles around the eyes can't wear it really. I wouldn't call the color dazzling, but it's fine for my uses, and for a school with a strict uniform code it's great :). It's quite easy to apply, although it does sometimes clump together on the brush, so when you apply it you get a big splodge of silver, instead of a thin, subtle line. And as for the staying power...Well, I need in invest in stronger make up remover. It sticks so hard that when I finally manage to rub it off I have a large red patch on my skin.

Rating: 6/10

I've seen better eyeliners but I've also seen worse.

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Teresa said...

For a makeup remover, Mary Kay is a good brand but I'm not sure you can buy it in the UK or in stores... Here

If you reeeally want it.