Saturday, July 23, 2011

DIY: Safety pins are awesome.

I love safety pins. I really do. They're just so easy to use! To make ANY outfit seem more unique, I find just attaching a load of safety pins is great. (Don't worry, I do have some pattern behind my random attaching). Warning: This post contains a lot, because I'm going away to Cornwall for a while (not that long) so I'm just doing a load of posts in one

Safety-Pinned Fingerless Gloves 

Difficulty Rating: Easy 

You Will Need:

Something to use for the gloves. Socks, legwarmers, armwarmers, old top sleeves, whatever. I've used legwarmers

Obviously, safety pins. As many as you want


Step 1) Cut a thumb hole in each of the potential gloves 

 Step 2) Attach safety pins however you wish to. Here is some of what I did. 

Safety pins around the thumb hole. This also stops fraying. 

I attached pins messily around the edge of it 

Threaded Eyebrows! 

 I got my eyebrows threaded today :). I love them but god it hurts...

More Safety Pins!

This time on my belt

Not going to do a tutorial for this because it's super easy. You literally just attach safety pins in a line

Todays Outfit


Kitty said...

safety pins supporter!!!!!!!!!
I'm gonna do the corset type top

AislingChild said...

@Kitty You should, it looks really nice :)

Lady Catherine said...

I've always been a lady...
About the babybat union...
Any ideas???

AislingChild said...

Hmm.....We should have picture or something on each of our blogs to show that we're members

Lady Catherine said...

what picture?
maybe the batcave one?

VictorianAndroid said...

Safety pins are just plain awesome, I actually had done the safety pin corset thing with a plain black shirt. I also cut a line right down the entire sleeve of a black longsleeve shirt and "sewed" it back together with safety pins. Strangely, I randomly put a safety pin on the bottom of a sleeve on my hoodie, and just seeing it makes me happy. One single pin.

Teresa said...

I can never use safety pins I could easily take out. I'm too much of an airhead and usually end up poking myself with them to see if it hurts. No idea why...

Lady Catherine said...

Yay, I did the corset thing and... my mum lets me wear it!!!!!!!!!!!