Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Parasols, fans and jealous classmates. And a added little bit on bullying

(Apoligies for the non-post yesterday, a copy of the Gothic Charm School book had arrived for me so I was reading it)

Yesterday was the first sunny school day in ages! So naturally I piled on the sun cream and took the opportunity to bring my parasol and lovely fan to school, as anyone would do ;)

Source: http://www.lunabazaar.com/parasol-umbrellas/CU27-cherry-blossom-paper-parasol-umbrella.jpg

Anyway, I was prepared for the comments that would be flying my way all day, and was pleasantly surprised when all my classmates who normally ignore me where begging to stand under my carry on shade and be fanned by me :D Also, the sight of the two boys who seriously hate me instead of just not wanting to make friends with the freak sweltering and staring at my cool, non-burnt face, with lovely cold air blowing around me thanks to my fan (and rest assured, I have thanked the fan properly. It is currently drinking the best type of milk money can buy :P) was extremely satisfying.

A quick note on my experience of bullying

I'm lucky enough (lucky isn't really the right word but I can't think of another right now) to have always been the token freak at school. This means that any comments that get thrown my way bounce right off, because after 9 years (since I was 3 to now) my skin is thick enough to ignore them. However, I am aware that most others aren't this lucky. So I thought I'd put together a collection of tips on how I deal with what is everyday life for many of us black clad people. (Note: I am not dealing with abuse or things like that because this is all from personal experience and on how I deal with things, and I don't want to give false advice)

Ignore them. Yes, everyone says it, and yes it's hard, but nothing makes them more mad. I know this from trying to annoy my siblings. Or, if you can't ignore them, pretend to ignore them as your comeback to them. Or, if you can manage it, giving your tormenter a little smile that says 'I know you're an idiot that lacks confidence, but I won't waste my time telling you' is great.

Make a mental list of people who's opinions matter to you (friends family ect.) Whilst these people don't have the right to tell you how to dress, they should have more infuence than people who yell out random comments. Anyone off this list's opinions don't matter to you.

Learn to laugh at them. For example, this boy in my class sometimes says in a bad imitation of me (or at least I assume it's meant to be me, I don't really know) 'I'm an emo freak and I cut myself' whenever I'm near. At first this really annoyed me, although I'm sure it fell short of the affect he hoped it would have. But then I realized how pathetic it was, and the only really insulting thing is that he evidently can't be bothered to think up any better insults. I think it unnerves him when I struggle to suppress laughing at his mfaster insult, that should be rendering me to tears.

Tell everyone if something hurts you. Another example from my life here. One time, on facebook, a boy took it apon himself to say some hurtful things to me, although he of course did it on private chat so that no-one could see how terribly brave he was being at playing torment the freak (in case you missed it, that, bats, was sarcasm.). I kept him talking, taking care only to defend myself, not to say anything back because many people like to blame the weird one. I then copied the chat, sent it to all who knew him saying that I would not stand for someone treating me like this, then printed off a copy and bought it into school and showed it to his teacher. His expression when he walked into a sea of angry faces and the knowlage that I would not suffer in silence was priceless.

This is only touching the edge of advice against bullying, but anyways.

With bats and sparkly skulls (because kind regards must get so overworked)


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