Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mass Panic Update

Whew. Finally finished the homework (turns out it's a lot easier to concentrate on homework if you're not sitting by a mirror in your brand new corset...strange). Now I've just got to find my parosole, and my mums nagging me to clean my room, so hopefully whilst appeasing my mum I can find it. And yes, my room is extrodinarily messy. Think someone who's an impulsive buyer and trawls second hand shops for knick-knacks. Add not enough shelves. Add clumsy person who's always knocking things off shelves. Add someone who's tried on loads of outfits and had folded them up into neat piles to be put away later but then knocked those piles over. Add hundreds of books read late at night strewn all over the floor. Times by five. Voila, you have my room. And I know I should tidy it...

Listning to: The Best Damn Thing-Avril Lavigne

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