Wednesday, June 29, 2011


It seems it's always worth searching though old Halloween boxes for clothes. Some of my best items of clothing have come from things meant to be scary...What does that say about me?

Anyway...Yes. When we where younger me and my sister had a passion for dressing like witches, which meant we often stole our mums clothes (Joking mum...I'm joking! Put that wand down right now!...*croak*) and she hunted through charity shops as well. And yesterday, whilst looking for an outfit I guessed it...A PETTICOAT! Yes, hidden away in our Halloween box was a beautiful fluffy thing! What was it doing there? I don't know. Did I use it? You bet!

It was by book reading yesterday, and I think I...shocked my teacher. Just a little. He's only ever seen me in school uniform with little makeup. So I think turning up with full eyeliner, a corset and a petticoated skirt gave him a...little shock. However, I did discover that one of my classmates are also interested in Goth, so soon I not be the only young Goth in my little part of London any more! :D You see what school uniform does? It stops people from the same subculture recidnising each other! Also, she has two neighbers who're goth, so she'll avoid baby bat mistakes...I think I shall be going to her house a lot.

Listing to: Liar, Manic Depressive Mix-Emilie Autumn

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