Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Background and Name!

As you will have noticed, I've changed the background and name of this blog :D Knowing me, both name and layout will change a lot so expect frequent visits where you find black has turned to red or vise versa.

On Saturday I'm going to to Camden Market to get a corset :D I've got a reading of some stories I've written for this club I do on Wednesday and I think I'm going to wear it...Although something tells me that when we where told we could wear 'normal' clothes instead of school uniform (the club takes place during school hours and the reading is after school) I think they didn't know that my 'normal' is a dainty black top, a corset and a long black skirt. I have a feeling that the corsets what'll surprise them though. I'll see if I can take pictures of peoples expressions ;)

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