Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Name Change and School Uniform

I want to change the name of this blog...but I can't think of anything else to call it :O If anyone has any ideas please comment

School Uniform and the Goth

In my opinion school uniform is an evil evil thing designed to take away people freedom of dress. But anyways, I've put together some tips for dealing with school uniforms until you reach that wonderful age where you don't have to wear it.

1) Adapt it as best you can. I don't mean attacking your shirts with safety pins, no. But you can wear short sleeved shirts and black fingerless gloves (with socks: you cut off the heel then sew up the hole you've made, then hack of the ends and make a thumb hole. Voila, instant fingerless gloves) and paint your nails black or deep purple. Also, don't wear your skirt to short unless you want to. Personally, this makes me feel very uncomforatable, but at the begining of school I felt pressured to have it at the length of others skirts.

2) Check out the uniform code. Are you allowed long black socks? Are they allowed to be patterend? Even the simplist thing can give of subtle hints, so if anyone meets you at the weekend in your full goth outfit they won't be too surprised.

3) Ask about/check out the makeup code. This is atchually very useful, for instance I recently found out that my school had no specific rules on makeup other than not to much, so I've began to expand from just gentle flicks. However, I keep any eye makeup to one thin line, instead of the whole hog.

4) Think subtle. If your ears are peirced coffin or skull earrings are lovely. And necklaces are also good because if you must you can always hide them by tucking them underneath your shirt.


The Nosey Kittycat said...

I actually uphold pretty pristine, untainted uniform; and an un-caked face.
I adhere to the rules.
Shock :o
But no one else in my year level (school?) really seems to.. in the sense that they go the whole untucked shirt, rolled up sleeves, cakefaced..

Though school uniform IS evil, not much one can do about it - at least at my school. Rules are strict. We don't have the freedom to, say, wear fingerless gloves or patterned tights, necklaces or non-plain earrings. One learns not to mind though.

AislingChild said...

I guess...I still have fond memories of a school where there was no dress code execpt you have to be wearing fairly decent clothes (as in, a parent can look at you without wincing) and we where encouraged to orginise a day where everyone wears pj's...I'll ajust, eventually