Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mass Panic!

And today was going so smoothly...

Today's a good friends birthday, and her parents have orginised a surprise picnic for all her friends to go to. As you can imagine, I want to look nice, so the corset buying trip could not have come at a better time. I was all ready, set down to do my homework due for tomorrow (I'm a very leaving things to the last minuet person when it comes to homework) and I realised that for the first time in ages it was sunny, so I decided I'd bring my lovely parosole to the park as well to get some shade. Of I went to find it in my bedroom and...IT WASN'T THERE! Oh horror of horrors, I have searched the entire house and my gorgeous paper parosole I have been saving all winter has gone! And because of all the time spent searching, I now have hardly any time to do my homework in! It's a terrible terrible time.

Listining to: Welcome to England-Tori Amos

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