Saturday, October 15, 2011

Music vs Fashion

Ah, the never ending debate, the one you find on all internet goth forums. Which is more important to the Gothic Subculture: The music or the fashion?

The Music

Many believe the music is more important to our subculture. After all, it was music that formed it! How could fashion be more important than music in a music based subculture? Anyone can throw on a black dress and put some dark-themed makeup on, but listening to, and appreciating, Gothic music is something that mainly (although not always) Goths enjoy. It would be bizarre to suggest that fashion is more important than music in the goth subculture.

 The Fashion

However, just as many argue that the fashion is much more important. Anybody can compile a playlist of a few of The Cure's songs, but putting the work into beautiful clothing takes true devotion to your subculture.

(Sorry for the rather bad arguments for both sides, I'm very tired today :) )

So What do I Think?

I believe that the music is more important than the fashion. After all, although the mainstream dabbles in (a very toned down version of) gothic fashion, I believe I am correct in the assumption that no-one has ever heard Emilie Autumn's 'I Know Where You Sleep' playing on Capital Radio.

But what do you think?


Tenebris In Lux said...

Reminds me of a very similar argument:

Which came first, the music genre OR the style? (i.e. grunge). It's a lot like the "which came first, the chicken or the egg" question ..

Cherish said...

Good point, Aisling...

I still personally think that the music and fashion came around the same time, as while the bands were playing (and forming a subculture!) they sported the clothes that were soon adopted by their yeah, same time basically?

AislingChild said...

@Tenebris Yeah, I guess it is a lot like that question xD The unanswerable question of the Gothic subculture...

Ashlee said...

I think that you have to listen to the music to be goth, and both listen to it and dress it to be a Goth. If you just wear the clothes then you aren't exactly Goth, you just look like one and probably confuse every person of a darker leaning you come across.