Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Just got back from my holiday...Which I've just realized I completely forgot to tell you about. Sorry. I hate to come back after a lovely visit to my grans with a rant, but this has to be said.

Ok. Homophobia. The fear of homosexuals, people who are attracted to people of the same sex. In most peoples books, a completely irrational and horrible thing to be. The thing that triggered this post:

I'm not going to talk the fact that hating on a fictional character is a little...

Why use gay as an insult? But it's not just that. Scroll down the page, you will see the comments. Firstly, a nice person (Parinerdfighter) pulled the creator of this blog up on their invalid insult. I did the same. And then the blog owner, calling themselves '50', wrote these comments.


You think [being] gay isn't a bad thing?'

'The bible says you will go to hell if you are a gay. Maybe u r an atheist. I don't know. But atheists go to hell as well.'

What the hell?! I don't even need to point out how wrong this is. At least, I hope I don't. And another thing: They act as though all Christians are narrow minded homophobics. Um...not true. Although I myself am an atheist, I have many Christian friends who certainly do not think in this narrow-minded fashion.

Looking forward to your say in this.


Kelia said...

I don't recall the Bible saying that being gay means that the person is going to hell. I mean, there's that's line where it says a man cannot lie with another man like he'd do with a woman, but that's also from the same place that states don't eat shellfish, wear certain fabric, etc. A lot of people do tend to pick and choose what they want to believe, and what they don't want to believe. That's true for a lot of things.

God is the only one who can judge people, and he's the one who will decide the person's fate after they die. And I'm pretty sure he can ignore what the Bible states. Besides, God created people in bis image, so why would he create something he doesn't like?

That said, I'm agnostic and I don't follow the bible. I think it is silly for people to say, "Well, the Bible states THIS, so I'll BELIEVE that, and you are going to hell."

Homophobia (and I am including extreme hate of homosexuality) is something that gets under my skin.

Kelia said...

I also want to add that there are a lot of churches and Christians who have no problem with homosexuality. The idea that all churches hate it, and that all Christians are against it are false.

Ashlee said...

I hate the "but it says it's a sin in the Bible!" reasoning.

It's in Leviticus, where it also says that you can't cut your hair, or wear mixed fabrics, or eat shell fish...

The ONLY thing people listen to out of that section is the one that might have an effect on someone else's life.

If you believe that it's a sin, you could at least not care. I've basically been told by a couple different family members that if I was gay that I'd go to Hell, but they'd still love me. Why can't people at least have that attitude? Or better yet, just completely not care?