Sunday, September 18, 2011

Of Shopping (Outfit Post)

Today I went looking for an outfit for Halloween. And...I succeeded admirably. But this isn't a post of my find, that will come as soon as I get new batteries for my camera.

Really really awful picture...

But this outfit was really cheap for me. As in, it cost me £7.00, including the shoes.

What I'm wearing:

Top: Inherited from my sister, so I have no idea how much it cost, but I didn't pay
Skirt: Given to me from my mum as a gift
Tights (unseen): Mum gets me and my sister new tights often for school
Boots (Unseen): Gift from my mother again
Hat: Gift from a friend (I wanted to wear one of my sisters berets, but she wouldn't let me :( )
Gloves: £7.00 from accessories 

Now that's what I call budget Goth!

A close up of me wearing the furry hat of awesomeness 

The top

The Gloves 



Jacket I nicked off my sister ;-) I won't tell if you don't 

Listining to: Smile - Avril Lavinge

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