Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Goth Challenge: Days 28/29/30

Day 28 – Do you consider yourself an eldergoth?

No, for, I hope, obvious reasons: I've been a Goth for less than a year.

Day 29 – What do you think will happen to Goth in the future?

Hmm...hard. I think that new styles of Goth will appear, and it will (hopefully) garner more acceptance from the world. Think about it, in the 19's racism was still accepted, and now, although it's still happening in some sad cases, people are fighting against it. Perhaps in another 30 or so years our children will be being taught about how people used to think Goth's where homicidal, depressed, fat, thin, lesbians who didn't care who we slept with and finding it rather unbelievable.

Day 30 – Make a list of blogs you regularly read and link to them

Sophistique Noir 

Graveyard Picnic

Juliet's Lace  

Babybats Blog 

It's a Mad World

The Ultimate Goth Guide 

Babybat Wonderland 

Gothic Charm School

Daughter of Death 

Bitches Guide to Etiquette 

Little Miss Gloom and Doom 

Bloggery of a Gothcat 

The Nosy Kittycat 

Mad Girl 

If Only I Were a Goth 

Sincerely, Boots. 

A Mortal Doth Approach 

Sorry for the unsubstantial posts at the moment, I'm adjusting to school again 

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