Friday, September 30, 2011

Blog Round Ups

Note: Seeing as I said I was both white and mixed race on the stereotype post I figured there might be some confusion. I said both because I have white skin, but my mother, although she grew up in England, is half Asian (Burmese and Armenian) so I see myself as mixed race :)

(Yes, I realize that some of these posts are old, I've been meaning to do this post for ages, and so have lots of old posts bookmarked)

So many blogs, so many good posts, so little time...

This post on A Mortal Doth Approach about why you shouldn't always dress down for mundane tasks rung true to me and, judging by the comments, many others 

I really want to try out this brilliant tutorial by Sincerely, Boots!

This tiny hat tutorial by Bixie Willow is very clear and helpful!

Ah, I couldn't not mention The Ultimate Goth Guide, could I? It was hard to decide on one post to link to, but in the end I chose this one

There are many more posts I'd like to link to, but I'm going out today and won't be back till late, and my mum is yelling at me to get off the computer right now!

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