Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pictures: My hair and head related things

I'm going away early tomorrow for two weeks.

Also, look at these beautiful nails!
For the tutorial click here


I know you can hardly see them here, but they're very blue and awesome :D

I has new hat from H&M. New hat is cool

I also has fake hair :) It is very good, it was on sale and only cost £1! Thank you, H&M

Awesome cat says hi

...I think I need to cut my false hair :P


Lady Catherine said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
AislingChild said...

Lady Catherine - I deleted your comment simply because I had corrected my post according to your comment, so I saw no point in leaving it there :)

Teresa said...

Aw, why your camp no have wifi? And what dye did you use?

AislingChild said...

Can't quite remember the name of the dye, but I had to bleach first.

And no wifi because you're out in the middle of no where

Ashlee said...

Disregard my comment on the last post about hair. You have blue hair now! Properly blue hair!