Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Random things and questions

Does anyone know how to do eye makeup like this?

As I recently found out courtesy of Little Miss Gloom and Doom Emilie Autumn is 31! Yes, I know many would have already known this but 31!!!

Always by The Birthday Massacre is one of the best songs ever.

How much do you think I could rip my tights before school complained?

My school uniform code says any 'black or grey' tights. Do you think that counts fishnets?

I need to do some more DIY posts.

A Very Potter Musical is awesome! Go and watch it on youtube now!

Percy Jackson. I trust all of my readers have heard of it, if not read it.My advice to those who haven't at least read The Lightning Thief: READ IT! Even if you think you're 'to old for it' (Note: I don't believe in people being to old for anything, exculding fluffy bright pink dresses meant for two year olds). Just. Read. It.

I'm running out of random comments.

Youtube is awesome.

Listining to: Always-The Birthday Massacre


Ashlee said...

Why are people surprised about her age? Opheliac came out several years ago, and was her third album. She started doing her own music when she was about 18. I mean, I guess that people might not know that Opheliac is waaaay old because she's still touring with it (here's to hoping that FLAG ever comes out - she told us she would start recording LAST August), but it's not new stuff. At all.

Personally, I would just go with the rules and wear opaque black tights without holes. You might be able to get away with some holes, and you might be able to wear fishnets (technically, they are black) but it all depends on how the rule is worded and how much you're willing to back yourself up.

AislingChild said...

I don't know why I'm so surprised, I think it's because I only started listining to her a couple of months ago and she looks so young.

AislingChild said...

And as for the school uniform, I think I might be able to get away with holes because today I wore blue tights and no-one noticed :)

unicornofdeath said...

The makeup is simpled. Winged liner. One of my favorite beauty gurus (not goth) does it in this video She also does a ton of DIY stuff. Which, if made with the right material, is very goth-friendly.

Try black fishnets over black tights, see if anyone objects.

Yay you watched AVPM now you understand why Darren Criss is so awesome!

No fluffy pink 2 year old dresses? You just insulted the whole Lolita subculture.

unicornofdeath said...

Oh yes, did you watch a very potter sequel?

AislingChild said...

@Unicornofdeath I had a very clever and witty comment planned, but then blogger ate it (X( Hermes will pay!) so you're stuck with this instead.

Thanks for the makeup :)

I shall try that as soon as possible...hehehehe This school won't know what hit them!

I do admit he's awesome as Harry but he's still not my favourote

Apoligies to the Lolita, they where stylish cute fluffy pink dresses, I meant the ones that look...odd...on any one older than two.

Not yet, but am planning to

jessieann13 said...

Emilie Autumn does look very young for her age, but I'm not always the best at determining age. About the tights, I would start with a few small holes to see how they reacted then slowly add more. This can also vary depending on how strict your school really is about stuff like that. Good luck! :)

VictorianAndroid said...

Yeah, I would be careful about the tights. Get a feel for how the teachers would react. I know at my school a lot of the teachers don't overly enforce the dress code (especially on the second floor in the summerish months as there is absolutly no air conditioning), but they're one or two that do.

I agree that EA does look good for her age, but she also takes really good care of herself. (Serioulsly can't wait 'till FLAG comes out!! Not going to hold my breath for a while though.)

Roxie said...

I <3 Percy Jackson! I've read all the books at least 3 times, including the Heroes Of Olympus one. I CAN HARDLY WAIT 'TILL THE NEW ONE COMES OUT! Sorry..... I'm kinda obsessed.....
I didn't know she was 31. I always thought like, 24-5 or something. She does seem kind of ageless, though. She's awesome.
You could maybe wear stockings and fishnets overtop? Maybe that's not really your style,though. I did it(before a certain little sister accidentally tore my fishnets...), but my style is a little weird(they were colored bright lime green, though, so it looked cool). :P School's probably out for you now, though, and your school probably wouldn't allow it.....