Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Goth Character Assesment: Saki Hanajima

I've recently read the manga series fruits basket and reading through one of the books again I realized that one of the characters (a really awesome one :D), Hanajima has been described as a goth, so I thought I'd do an assessment on how well I thought the author had created a Goth character.

Firstly, here's what Saki looks like (She's the one on the left in the veil, the girl next to her is one of her friends who, although looking quite gothy here, is an ex-gang member described as a 'yankee' )  :

Clothing: Throughout the books Sakis' clothes (when she's not in school uniform) are drawn beautifully and they remain in the theme shown in the picture above, namely long, darkly colored dresses and accessories.

Clothing: 10/10

Attitude: Although Saki has quite a dark past and has said that 'she started wearing black as a reminder of her sin',  I think that in general her attitude is great compared to that of some Goth characters in books and manga. She has wonderful sarcastic wit and is often pictured laughing :). She cares deeply about her friends. Oh, I forgot to mention, she has power over electric waves: she can use this to read peoples emotions and minds, and to scare people by threatening to zap them (as far as I know she hasn't zapped anyone at all, though she can. And her little brother can curse people, and has a nodding bat in his room. And when she was cast as Cinderella in the school play, she said she had to have a pitch black dress or she wouldn't play the part. Who can't love someone like that?

Attitude: 9/10

Summery: Well, I'd say Saki is a very successful Goth character. :) She's the reason I've re-watched the anime at least ten times


Listining to: In the Dark-The Birthday Massacre

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