Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lacey Fingerless Gloves and Summer Solstice

As you may already know, it's the Summer Solstice (eg. Longest day) today :D It's the perfect day for reading late, although it's a bit to light for some. This day has special significance to some pagan religions, and many will be journying to the stone henge tonight :D I've seen the stone henge once but unfortunally my uncultured younger brother decided to sit in the car moaning about stopping for, I quote, 'a large pile of rocks' so I couldn't stay long :(
On a complety different note, I made myself some fingerless gloves today. I took an old long sleeved black top and cut the sleeves off, then sewed lace around the top of them. I'm quite pleased with the result, but my camera's died so I can't upload pictures of them :( I'm thinking of putting some ribbon on them and using them like lace on sleeves, like the Elizabethans did. I think it'll give a good look ;)

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