Monday, June 20, 2011

DIY top :D

I had my first proper attempt and DIYing today and it came out quite well :D I've got this really nice top but it was looking quite plain, so I basically attacked it with safety pins :D It's not quite done (I need more safety pins :P) but you can get a good idea of it from these pictures

This is the T-Shirt after DIYing it. Since photo the ribbons on it have moved to the back, I was just to lazy to take a new photo
The coller of the top. As you can see, I took safety pins and I attached them :D
The sleeve I decorated. I basiaclly got a load of small gold safety pins from my sewing box (that I inherited off my late grandmother, it's got the most amazing things in it) and pinned them onto the top :D
The back of the top. (since photo I've added more of this, so the ribbon goes right to the bottom) This was extrordinarily easy to do. I basically got safety pins (any equal amount) and put them in two paralal lines down the back of the top. Then I took a ribbon and laced it through the pins :D Later I'm going out to get an emerald green ribbon to lace it with instead of the pink.

So there you have it. My wonderfully simple first DIYed top :D


Kitty said...

luv it

Roxie said...

Love it! I want this T-shirt now! :)