Saturday, June 11, 2011

First Clicky Links

I'm just going to do a quick link to all the blogs that I've found helpful/just enjoy and hope you like them as well :D (yes, I do do smilies a LOT. I like them ^^) Gothic Charm School...What can I say? The Lady of The Manners style isn't for everyone but she has some very good tips on all Gothy issues. The Ultimate Goth Guide. Amy is brilliant at explaining the Gothy culture and is a very helpful person :D. Also, her pictures of her wonderful outfits could provide years of inspiration. I haven't been reading this blog for very long but I've found the posts that have been written very helpful

I'll add more links as I discover new helpful blogs. Don't be afraid to flick back through past posts, and The Ultimate Goth Guide has quite a few very good posts on the history of Goth, which is suprisingly quite interesting

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Ashlee said...

Oh hey, it's me! Thank you :)