Sunday, October 9, 2011

Room Decoration: 1

Ah, how to create your spooky hole of darkness. The challenge that plagues babybats (and elder goths, and all in-between!) everywhere. Now that it's nearing Halloween we can buy lots of things we'd normally have to hunt down, so now it's the perfect time to start decorating! This series of posts will probably be spread out, and certainly not complete, but as I'm starting to decorate my room, I thought I'd make posts of my progress.

Warning: Pic Heavy

I printed off pictures from the internet and stuck them up into my room. Very basic, but a start :)

Random Extra Things

Vita (My sister) on her way to a pirate themed party: 
I wish she dressed like this every day!

Ikea is great for buying random pictures!

And my random voodoo doll lips :) Not entirely sure how I did this, I was trying on black lipstick (it doesn't suit me) and washed it off a little to gently.    


Cherish said...

Amazing pictures! I really like the Jack o' Lantern and the Bat/Graveyard ones the best. :)

Considering mom won't let anyone print out color pictures I'll draw my own I suppose.

Need some Halloween cheer around here even when here in Perth it's so bare of spooky goodness...:(

AislingChild said...

You're lucky you can draw! They'll be much better than print outs, because they'll be original :)