Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Non-Goth Side: Pink

Sorry for my complete absence over the days, I've been a very tired person :) I may start posting once every two days instead of trying to post every day. Also, I have received a few absolutely comments which, rest assured, I have been reading, but my computer is very messed up and doesn't always let me reply on comments to posts that aren't the newest here.

        I love pink :) I can hear the gasps of horror you perky goths are uttering at my saying that pink is stuck firmly at the non-goth side of my loves. Shush, you pink lovers! I'm doing an entire post devoted to the color, is that not enough?

There are many different shades of pink. I'm only going to show you a few, seeing as I assume most will at least recognize some.

Hot Pink
Baby Pink

Light Pink

Most Goths prefer light to baby pink, although obviously nowhere near all of them. I personally think an all black outfit (well, almost all black, apart from the pink) looks very striking with bright pink leggings, or even just a bright pink accessory. 

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