Friday, September 23, 2011

Sometimes you just gotta rant...

Sometimes I hate my school so much. It's not that it's a bad school or anything, it's just that some people in it are SUCH IDIOTS!

(Note: I realize what I moan about in here happens to every Goth, and it's really just something you've got to get used to, but I'm a babybat, I'm allowed to moan sometimes!)

I have friends in school. They're all great people. But apart from one person, none of them are in ANY of my classes, and the one that is is never put anywhere near me in the classes we're together in (our school has seating plans, worst luck). The lessons that's the worst is defiantly Ethics and Culture. Not only do I find the subject matter extremely boring at the moment, but almost the entire class is filled with idiots. The boy I sit next to refuses to let me touch anything on 'his side of the table' because I'm 'dirty'. I'd just ignore him usually, but we're forced to do loads of partner work. And I really cannot work with him. I'll try, but he'll not do anything, and just complain about me loudly to his friends (who also hate me, and sit very near to me) to make them laugh. However, they're just stupid. That's not what bothers me. It's the fact that I'm sitting right at the front of the class, these boys are complaining loudly enough for the whole class to hear, and the teacher doesn't do a thing. Nor, for that matter, do any of the pupils speak up in my defense, or even shoot me the occasional sympathetic glance.

Yes, my teacher dislikes me. No, I do not blame her for that, she can tell I'm bored in her classes, so she has every right to be annoyed at me. But to ignore such blatant bullying (and yes, it is bullying - it happens every lesson, and she knows it), going on right underneath her nose, is unacceptable!

Sorry for this rant, but I've only had one lesson today that wasn't with the a fore mentioned idiots (yes, I have more than one class with them, mores the pity), so I think it may be justified


Nemo said...

I so agree - I have so many friends not in my class - and some people really wind me up, particularly on my Goth days and it doesn't help being a lesbian!

AislingChild said...

Nemo - We must ignore these narrow minded homophobic idiots! In the words of some Glee song: 'I'll see you when you're washing my car'

Teresa said...

Ahem... Its "I'll see you when you wash my car" and the song is "Loser like me"

- Gleek moment over -

Anyway, idiots will be idiots. Pretend you don't care would be the "logical" step for most people, but you seem more like the person who could pull off some majorly smart, witty comments.

AislingChild said...

Oh, lol :P I'm not very good at remembering song lyrics :P

:D Yay! I do normally ignore people like this, but it's seriously annoying sometimes :( Still, the moral high ground is a wonderful place ;)

Anonymous said...

AislingChild I just wanted to say I find you adorable because the very same stuff used to happen to me in school :3

Remember to keep tough, I let the idiocy get to me. So I made a lot of dumb mistakes with how I started to perceive myself. I started to actually believe I was "dirty" and "worthless"

All the people who gave me crap ended up becoming losers. Reading your story reminded me of my own.

I wish you luck!