Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Just a couple of things I need to ask...

Has anyone used The Gothic Catwalk (http://www.thegothiccatwalk.co.uk/?gclid=CPStwOb0makCFUtC4QodZgKCsw) and can tell me whether it's a good place to order things off or not?

Also, is it over priced or normal price for online shops? I'm not used to buying clothes online, never mind goth clothes so I'm not sure what's average pricing.

I highly recommend the book 'The Darker Sex. Tales of the Supernatural and Macabre by Victorian Women Writers.' Edited by Mark Ashley. Might do a review on it soon.

My friends started a blog, and as she has quite a cynical humor and it's mainly meant to be funny rants I thought I'd do a quick promo for her here. Yes, she's only done one post, but I've told her to post daily when possible so it should build up quickly...Anyway, it's your choice whether to follow it or not ;-) http://ambiz-itsamadworld.blogspot.com/
She's not a Goth, although I personally think that if she chose to be she'd fit right into the subculture. I'll try and get her to do some pictures of her drawings, as she's very good :)

Sorry for the Two-Posts-In-One-Day, as I know it's a bit annoying, but this is quite simple so...

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