Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sibling Love, Sibling Hate

All who have siblings are familiar with the torment they bring (they can also be really nice but angsty teen self is on a role here). This (rantish) post is mainly about how they can react to your movement to the dark side. (Edit: Reading back, I spot quite a few 'I's in the first paragraph, so sorry about that :P)

I have two siblings, an older sister (14) and a younger brother (11). My brother is wonderfully unsexist, not too obsessed with popularity and tries not to judge on what someone looks like. My sister isn't as bad as most other girls in her year, but she's a bit of a fashionita (that's not even a proper word and I still think I spelt it wrong...does that even make sense?, a bit of a slut shamer, and dislikes people who are 'different in a bad way'. What do they have in common? They both call me 'emo' a lot, and tell me to 'please stop dressing so freakily, because it's embarrassing them'. God, siblings are ANNOYING!!!

This applies to all people, not just family. We are Goths (not emos, Goths) for a reason. We are't going to stop dressing in a way that makes us feel more confident because you tell us to. We aren't going to trade our creepy music for your pop. We aren't going to stop identifying with a (rather wonderful, in my opinion) subculture because 'it's embarrassing you'. Tough luck.

/end rant

Siblings can also be really great of course, as can friends :D


Ashlee said...

Eh, they're just insecure. That's my guess anyways. My sister makes fun and dislikes anything that's abnormal or could be called "weird". I just assume that she's really afraid to not fit in and that people might not like her that she eschews everything "weird".

It's really helpful sometimes, though. I dislike everyday, boring, pedestrian, normal things. They bored me. So, if my sister dislikes something I do (because she only likes everyday, boring, pedestrian, normal things) then I must be doing something right xD

Teresa said...


Eh, they'll probably stop being annoying after a while. I wouldn't worry.

Chloë Noir said...

Poor you. Yeah, siblings can be annoying
But I´m lucky..I have an older brother (27), and he is in metal, hardcore and punk music, so he´s not really surprised about my style. And actually...when I was younger I wanted to be like him, so I went through metal and punk phase, but then find my own path :D

Anonymous said...

You're sister sounds exactly like my sister. She hates anything "different" or "weird" but I still dress the way I do. No one can tell me how to dress.