Friday, July 8, 2011

A peek inside my wardrobe of doooooooom

Sorry for the long break, I was banned from my computer :(

I got my camera working again and went a bit photo mad :) You're about to see the results

Had this for ages :)

Another charity store find (this is the dress I wore camping ^^)

Got this playsuit from new look, my sisters always stealing it :P

This looks shapeless here but it's really quite nice

For casual days :) Another charity store find

I have a feeling this came from top shop...

My denim waistcoat. Goes with nearly EVERYTHING!

My favourite dress EVER! My mum got it from a charity shop ages ago (for £4.50! I love charity shops)
My black waistcoat. No idea where I got it, and this picture makes it look horrible, but oh wells :P

My purple cardi :) Mum gave this to me ages ago, way before I discovered Goth, but I'm still in love with it


It took me ages to do this post, because I had to upload the pictures one at a time and halfway through my computer died :( Still, it's done now

Listing to: I know where you sleep-Emilie Autumn


unicornofdeath said...

Why yes you can use my new term, thanks ever so much for asking. LOVE the velvet dresses.

AislingChild said...

You're welcome, I'm so nice for asking first, aren't I? And thanks :) They're my favourite to

Tenebris In Lux said...


AislingChild said...

Thanks :)

The Nosey Kittycat said...

Charity shops are so useful!

AislingChild said...

I know! I'm really lucky because I live by a) A load of charity shops that sell random knick knacks b) Some other charity shops that specialise in second hand clothes and c) Some charity shops from the posher bit of where I live so you get some cheap-that-used-to-be-expensive clothes there :) Btw, I love knick knacks. My room is full of useless things