Thursday, June 16, 2011

Q.I Gothic Special

Bit of a rant today, so if you don't like rants then I'd advice you to stop reading now

I'm watching the Q.I gothic special and it's amazing how many people believe the stereotypes! I watched it in the hope of learning some interesting facts about the subculture, but so far all I've heard is people saying 'Goths hang around shopping centers and spit' and 'Goth is like a group of teenagers got together and decided to combine all the things that parents hate into one: Badly dyed hair, pasty faces and a gloomy atuttide.' Ahem, I have a feeling you're talking about mallgoths here. I would have thought that before you made an episodes theme 'gothic' you might done some research first. I had faith in you, Q.I

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The Nosey Kittycat said...

Mallgoths always, intentionally or otherwise, seem to bring down the overall perception of what it is to be Goth. -____-
But don't give up on Stephen Fry! ahaha :P