Friday, June 17, 2011

Makeup of the Day and Stuff

Advance Warning: I won't be able to do a post tomorrow because I'm going camping

I'm kinda tired today so I'll do mainly pictures and I might just obey the stereotype and put one of my poems at the end :D

My right eye. I used my mums khaki eyeliner (I love that stuff ^^) to draw a faint heart (Emilie Autumn inspired, but unfortunally I didn't have anything to color it red :() then filled it in with my mums concealer because she's got darker skin than me (she takes after my grandad, who's Burmese)
My left eye :D I used brown liquid eyeliner to do the swirl, and I think it came out quite well :D It draws attention to my eyes, and it looks pretty :D It took a few mistakes (I recomend practising makeup in the bathroom with a flannel soaking in hot water in the sink so you can oh-so- quickly wash of any disasters) but eventually I mannaged to get a nice swirl without looking like a two year old took their crayons to me

Apologies, but most of my makeup pictures are sideways :S Why do I always forget to do them landscape? *facepalm* Anyways, this is some makeup I tried doing last night :D I've started to experiment and whilst I still can't do a lot of types of makeup I'm getting better :D And hardly any negative comments from parents yet :D

I'm not wearing any other makeup in the pictures other than what I've talked about but the purple headband is my mums, again. She got it from topshop but she can't wear it, it gives her a headache. Also, in the last one you can see the neckline of my dress, witch is good because the lace didn't show up in this picture.

As promised, my lovely new dress. It's not a great picture but you can sort of get the color :D I normally wear it with this beautiful black ribbon to hide the string

And now, as promised, my poem :D It kinda scared me that I'd written it to be honest, it sounds like I'm mentally deranged

The Voice Behind the Wall

I saw the man

Standing over the bodies

He saw me

I ran

To a wall

It was there I found him

My voice behind the wall

He comforted me

My voice behind the wall

He was my new best friend

My voice behind the wall

Each day I walked

Along the wall

To try and find a place where I could see

My voice behind the wall

I found it

The end of the wall

And I saw him

My voice behind the wall

He saw me

It was him

The man I was running from

Was my voice behind the wall


The Nosey Kittycat said...

I love it all :D haha, *tilts head sideways*

GlumPlum said...

So, stumbled upon your blog miss babybat, I would like to offer some amke-up expertise. :)

1) Find a basic outline for your eye itself. I know how beautiful and "fun" it is to draw curvy lines and hearts but your need the design to connect with the rest of your eye. Find an outline for your eye that will tie any make-up together. (Don't try to copy off of online pics, try youtube basic, normal tutorials for beginners. That really helps!)
2) Draw the design you want for your face, on paper first and copy it a bunch of times before transferring it to your face. Your flesh is such a different canvas from anything else. Work on finding a technique that makes your lines on your face smooth and straight. You're better off to go bare that go out with choppy lines miss babybat (I'm an OCD perfectionist if you couldn't tell).
3) Save up some money and buy make-up that works for you. If you see a brand you like, save up and buy that one. There's nothing wrong with NYC and Wet N Wild though. They both work excellently if you know what you're doing. I also use shadow for my lids and it works to give you a dark look if that's all you want. But, buy make-up that works for you and please, DO NOT buy a foundation or concealer (if you are going to) that is way lighter than your skintone! White is a beautiful palour, but not if it makes you look like an anemic clown. I don't use white for myself even. Stick with your skintone, there's nothing wrong with it.
4) Make-Up is "fun" and pretty, but make sure you have a make-up remover you like and trust so your skin stays pretty too.

That's all I can think of for now. I hope I'm not too harsh or critical but I want to be as real as possible. Anybody can learn how to apply make-up, but make-up artistry is a whole other ballpark and it's not for everyone. If you find that it's too frustrating or upsetting, remember: Wwearing dark make-up doesn't make someone Goth. You can show off your "Gothness" without make-up. I didn't personally begin wearing make-up until I was 13 almost 14. I went through my babybat phase first and practised my make-up before wearing it out in public. It's your face, and it makes a statement. Whether the statement is good or bad is your skill. Make-up is hard work and please, do not try copying anything you see on the web right now. It's so tempting but, to be honest (I'm sorry), you're not at the skill-level yet to take on some of those things. Babybats make mistakes when they start going for pics from the internet to copy from or inspire themselves from.
Carve your own niche in this culture. And also from personal experience, work on your wardrobe first, then your make-up. It simplifies things and you can practice in the mean time if you really think make-up is for you.
I hope this helps you and that I haven't upset you or hurt your feelings. Being tough is sometimes the only way to get through to babybats :) Oh and my suggestion for your new blog title, simply: MISS BABYBAT.
That's all for now.
-Kelli <3